Telescopic F-Handle

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TFH-04
  • Color:Handle chrome. Swivel head manganese phosphate

◆Surface treatment:Chrome Plated
◆Swivel head:Manganese Phosphate
◆Length:1/4"Telescopic F-Handle 152L (Total length 202L)
3/8"Telescopic F-Handle 225L (Total length 330L)
1/2"Telescopic F-Handle 460L (Total length 600L)
1/2"Telescopic F-Handle lengthen 490L (Total length 630L)
3/4"Telescopic F-Handle 510L (Total length 830L)
◆ Hold the top ring and move it down to the desired length in the direction indicated by the arrow.